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Production of holograms

1. Holograms are used to protect production from forgery, and in marketing purposes.

By using holograms you can protect your production from falsification, and at the same time to increase sales volume of the production

  • individual holograms,
  • photo holograms
  • transparent holograms
  • hot stamping holograms of any color and shape, displaying required information
  • holograms with laser logotype, displaying corporate brand and other information

One hologram can have several different types of protection (micro headline, hidden text, individual and serial number).

2. Self-adhesive labels (holograms that are manufactured on a metalized substrate), which can be attached to any surface and material.

Also can be ordered destructive holograms (being destructed when removed).

Use of the self-adhesive labels is practically unlimited.

3.  Holographic protective film, produced by hot stamping, with customer's design and holographic protection. Can be used for laminate business cards, etc.

4.  Different types of self-adhesive labels:

- flexo, offset and numeric prints for printing machines – used on all major types of materials, including metallic and holographic.

On customer request, holograms or holographic strips can be applied to labels. Labels can also be produced with a control code, number order, requered information, seals (gold, silver, colorfull).

Also can be ordered self-adhesive multi-component labels, fabric labels.

5.  Industrial self-adhesive labels with specified properties, manufactured on special materials.

6.  Paper with holographic strip attached.

7.  Integrated prints (integrated cards), include corporate paper, for sending corporate letters to clients on the laminated card (at one or both sides). Integrated prints can be used for reprinting on any office devices or be filled in manually.

Areas of use: corporate client cards, anti-forgery, discount vouchers, advertising, VIP cards, club cards, ID cards (passes, membership cards).

8.  Integrated prints with self-adhesives labels.

9.  Holographic packaging materials – holographic wrapping foil, wrapping paper with holographic element.