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Corporate tuition of Russian language in order to establish business relations with partners in Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

Being able to understand Russian business language will contribute in effectiveness of business in Russia.

Negotiations, presentations, business correspondence, conversations with business partners, suppliers and potential customers require a good level of Russian language. It can be achieved by studying with native speaker tutors. Professional tutors will help to improve your language level in a short time, with minimal investments.

We offer:

Wide choice of Russian language programs within variable professional areas.

*The program’s concept is based on personal goals and requirements.

*Individual approach

* On-line tutoring is also available.

* Flexible schedule.

* Corporate tutoring is provided at convenient for you time and place.

* Special attention is paid to speaking and understanding the language.

* The test to establish your language level will be held prior studying.

To analyze your requirements and goals, please answer following questions:


1. What is your goals?

2. What is your area of business?

3. Your current language level?

4. Do you need a group or an individual study?

5. If group, how many people will study?

6. Preferable dates, time, place and duration?