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Issuing certificates accepted in Russia and EurAsEU countries (Euroasian Economic Union)

Certification in Russian Federation is an official form of confirmation that products compliance with standards (quality and safety). After the certification procedure, the certificate of conformity is issued. This complies with Russian and international law.

Before being released to the market, products must pass verifying of conformity, to ensure they comply with technical regulations and standards.
Certificate of conformity GOST R, declaration of conformity TR CU are used to confirm the conformity of products with required technical regulations and applicables standards.
Certificate of conformity can be issued for serial production or for specific batch of products. This document is issued by an accredited certification body, and valid in Russia and EurAsES countries (Russia, Belarus, Kasakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan).

Certification process in Russian Federation

Certification process is split in several phases, and comply with applicable law:
- Filling up application and submision it along with requred documents to an accredited certification body
- Examination of samples in a laboratory, and if necessary performing production analyse
- Receiving results of test, on which basis the certificate of conformity will be issued

There are limitations and rules conserning issuing the certificate of conformity:

1. In serial production, the certificate of conformity – certificate – is provided by manufacturer (or the person authorized by the manufacturer).
2. Certification of part of the production imported into the Common Customs Area of EurAsES is provided by importer or manufactorer (or the person authorized by manufactorer).

Types of certificates – certificate of conformity

There are following types of certificates in Russia and EurAsES:
- Safety and conformity certificate
- Hygienic certificate
- Veterinary certificate
- Quarantine certificate
- Food inspection certificate
- Fire safety certificate.

EU manufacturers have voluntary and mandatory certifications.

*Voluntary certification is used by many Russian and foreign manufactirers in order to increase competitiveness of their products,
* Mandatory certification is required to comply with approved product list. It is a statutory approval procedure.

Specifics of issuing and registering certificates of conformity

Declaration / certificate of conformity is issued in a form, approved by the EuroAsian economic commission. Issued certificates are registered with approved registry body.

Certificate that is not registered will be considered invalid.

The validity of certificate is determined by specific products and certification system.
The cost of the certificate of conformity will be calculated on completion of application.

BH provides following services:

- reception and registration of applications for certification,
- analysis of submitted documents,
- decision on the application,
- establishing the certification procedure and normative documentation,
- selection of an accredited certification body,
- sample selection and identification,
- preparation of sample collection for identification and testing,
- creating documents of reception and transfer of samples to a testing laboratory,
- analysis of examination protocol,
- preparing decision to issue (or refuse to issue) a certificate of conformity,
- issuing certificate of conformity,
- registration certificates with approved registry body.
Manufactrer/ person authorized by manufactorerr, importer after obtaining the certificate of conformity has right to entry Russian and EurAsES countries market.

If you want to obtain a declaration of conformity, please send us a request stating the following:

- name of manufactorer
- name of applicant (importer / authorized representative / seller)
- production name
- TNVED code
- production description
- areas of application
- phone
- e-mail address

After receiving the request we will send you the appropriate form to fill in.